SaguruMagical World

Following the desire to make music the center of his life, singer/songwriter Chriz
Rappel established his project „Saguru“ in the beginning of 2016. Starting to write
music in the age of 11, he developed a unique sound, influenced by various artists,
e.g. Bon Iver, Jose Gonzales, Ben Howard, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Grizzly
Bear as well as different genres, most of all Indie, Jazz and post-rock. Also his more
rock sounding first band „Red Indicators“, with which he managed to record a debut
album and make music videos in a complete DIY way in 2015, had an impact on his
songwriting style. So with the desire of investing a lot more time into music, Chriz
started his new project, following his ideas of sound solely. Luckily he was able to
find a producer based in Munich, who saw the potential in his new songs and in
2017 they started to record them in a professional way. In summer 2019 Rappel
transformed the solo project into a four-man-band.